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Best Tennis Shoes, Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Summer is right on our doorstep and in this season tell us? Who doesn’t like to play a friendly rather entertaining tennis match with their buddies? Who Doesn’t like to level a score with their old pals? Yeah, we all do want this but the thing to remember is that “ right gears for the right job” i.e. Best Tennis Shoes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro. What matters is that you have to do your best and for that you need to be equipped and loaded with the best. At the battle time it’s hard for someone to focus on anything then the game but with right wear you would not only feel comfortable but also will smash your opponent into blisters.

If you think that this season is the right for you then 10 Coveries help you bring out the Rafael Nadal in you. So, you could not only get comfy but also at the same time achieve great limits.

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Best Overall

New Balance is an outstanding Best Tennis Shoes manufacturing company and has been around for a long time. When choosing the best there are somethings that can’t be left out i.e. comfort, breathability, traction, balance and most important of all weight. So, if you don’t want to waste your time in searching then we will suggest you to go for New Balance Men’s MC806 Tennis Shoes which are not only best but also will provide the user with confidence with which he can smash anyone.

These Tennis Shoes have the best Pressure Handling phenomenon at their hands i.e. whenever you need stopping or sliding or turning quickly to get to the ball then at that moment you need to focus all your pressure at one zone and with New Balance Tennis Shoes you can make this possible.


  • Excellent Traction.

  • Feet Protection.

  • Durable as well as comfortable.

  • C-Cap Midsole.

  • Sole Wears out quickly.



  • Brand Name: New Balance                 
  • Weightage:  3.25 Pounds

Editor’s Choice

During a Play all you need is to stand your ground firmly and don’t slip out through the crevices. Traction is the answer to all your needs. These Adidas Men’s Game Court Tennis Shoes are made to provide you not only the grip but also the performance as well as support you need to smash the opponent. These Tennis Shoes are designed to bear the constant friction as well as fast-paced movements during the hot summer game with ease. The base is made up of rubber which means bet traction with extreme performance along with a touch of comfort on every day’s game.

These Adidas Tennis Shoes are not quite so expensive that you have to take a loan or ask for money from someone. They are designed to fit the needs of every sportsman out there. Their superior design with the solid rubber base makes it stand out among the all out there and also it ensures that you get durability along with the power you needed to win the game.


  • Provides the user with Confidence.

  • Equipped with Rubber Soles.

  • Lightweight and Excellent Durability.

  • Most of the time it is out of the required Sizes.



  • Brand Name:  Adidas                 
  • Weightage: 12 Ounces


Editor’s Choice

Nike’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes is best known for its maneuverability and traction control. It promises to take you through the ups and downs of the game without stretch. Nike is loaded with the genes of stability and durability.

Based on the looks it is in-famous but rather it has a simple and straight forward approach which stands out as the game progresses forward. Best all-rounder and specialist which brings the sports man spirit in the game.


  • Made up of best textile and synthetic materials.

  • Measures are taken to provide extra bit of ventilation.

  • One of the best durability enhanced and stability designed shoes.

  • No warranty provided.



  • Brand Name: NIKE                 
  • Weightage: 1 Pound


Pro-Player Pick

It’s a fact that everyone applauds for performance and you will see when Adidas Tennis Shoes  comes to play each and everyone can see from their eyes that Adidas is all about performance and durability. As you can notice form all the exceptional features the Adidas Barricade has i.e. cushioning support and lightweightedness etc. It will be costly so from here we can say that it is not a budget friendly player.

It’s true that bigger the player, the more comfort he demands i.e. which can easily get him through the twists, turns skids, i.e. troubles of the game etc.


  • Slim fit and durable design.

  • Supportive Midfoot Section.

  • Removable insole.

  • Extra cushioning under the heel is added.

  • Toe is reinforced to protect against drag.

  • Insole is not as durable as we thought.



  • Brand Name: Adidas             
  • Weightage: 0.98 Pounds


Trusted Choice

New Balance is the name of trust which is one of the rulers of the market in terms of providing best tennis shoes. New Balance’s Concept is breathability, performance and most important of all grip and it has been working and improving in this field for quite sometime now. To equip the sportsman with ultimate performance as well as load them with the confidence to win New Balance is the ship to sail in.

The ultimate Answer to comfort as well as perfection is the New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Tennis Shoes. They are not only durable but also their bac-sole is hardwearing. If you prefer the right option to spend your money on then we will suggest you the MC1006v1 Tennis Shoes.


  • Breathable and comfy Tennis Shoes.

  • Lightweight and grippy Tennis Shoes.

  • Durability with a 6 months warranty.

  • Mid-zone is not as strong as the whole shoe.



  • Brand Name:  New Balance                 
  • Weightage: 3 Pounds

Best Budget

If you like to tangle around with your opponent and like to speed things up then we will say that Asics Men Gel Solution Tennis Shoes is the option to go for. It not only turbo charges the game but also provides you with energy and stability to take it to the next level. Asics not only provide you with quality and guarantee but it also gives assurances that they will bear the hard turns, skids and most important of all quick sprints of the high-end game. If you are looking for the best in a mid-range price then Asics is the option to consider.


  • Cushioning for the whole foot.

  • Toe protection is provided with a PGuard.

  • Best comfort and Support Providers.

  • Synthetic designed with a rubber sole for excellent traction.

  • Soles wears out quickly.



  • Brand Name: Asics                 
  • Weightage:     1.25 Pounds Approx.


Buyers Choice

Asics also one of the renowned Best Tennis Shoes Manufacturer tends to meet the needs of all the women players out there. Asics know that women play differently then men, they move a lot and also tend to skid a lot. So, they need more comfort and more sensitive shoes because their feet are the one who are bearing all the punishment. Regarding the pain and suffering of the feet Asics offer a rubber soul Tennis Shoes and also the Flexion Fit with external heel counter, to provide the experience of ultimate comfort and support for the midfoot to remain stable.

Asics has a lot of tricks in their bag and their finest is the Asics Gel Solution Tennis Shoes. These shoes not only tend to provide the sportswomen with 2.75 inches of shaft from the arch to provide an extra support but also all tennis women and men aren’t invincible and also accidents, injuries happen so what Asics did is to equip the Tennis Shoes with P-guard toe Protector as well as cushioning system which protects and saves the foot from getting damaged by sliding or stomping etc. As a plus point in the system Fluid Ride construction is added to enhance the durability of the shoe.


  • P-guard for Toe Safety.

  • Fluid Ride for durability.

  • Flexion Fit for Comfort as well as relaxment.

  • A bit Costly.



  • Brand Name: Asics                 
  • Weightage:     2 Pounds Approx.

Best Sprinters

If you are a pro player with an offensive approach then K-Swiss Tennis Shoes is the option to choose because they not only make you energetic and quick across the court but also during intense play-offs, they provide you with full stability and  sturdiness.

Some can protest against the K-Swiss that rather than using the breathable fabric they should have gone with an all leather approach but this doesn’t matter until the K-Swiss Hypercourt Tennis Shoes performs.


  • Known to have the best Mid-Support section of the lot.

  • Breathable fabric for the best in-shoe comfort.

  • Best underfoot cushioning added.

  • Shock Absorbers.

  • Durable sole for everlasting traction.

  • Warranty is void if it is worn and played for one time.



  • Brand Name:   K-Swiss    
  • Weightage:   1.25 Pounds


Best Choice

Srenket Tennis Shoes are really awesome. The way they are manufactured is really a head turner scenario i.e. they are filled with extra bit of softness and comfort to provide their users a feeling of ease. The fabric used in the construction provides your feet with enough air so that it doesn’t feel sweating and perspiration. The Srenket Mens Casual Tennis Shoes are well cushioned so to protect your feet against unnecessary pain in the feet, legs and even in the back.

For a body to out perform others it is said that a good stability and a good sense of flexibility is intended and to gain that all you have to do is to choose the right shoes because if not you could end up leaning or worse constant back-pain etc. Srenket claims that the shoes they make are for every occasion whether you take them rolling on a mountain or you want to get yourself physically fit Srenket is the option to go for. They are designed to meet the requirements of everyone whether it is on the ground or on the grass or on the rocks. One Solution to it all.


  • Comfortable and breathable design that outstands.

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Ready for every occasion.

  • Warranty is not provided.



  • Brand Name: Srenket                   
  • Weightage:  0.75 pounds

Beginers Choice

ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennis Shoes are designed for the beginners i.e. they are designed to turn the beginner into pro-players in no time.

They are known to be the all-rounders of all i.e. they are designed to handle both the hard as well as soft surfaces without compromising their stability and durability/ performance etc. Although it has old classic looks but don’t deviate for a moment to think that they aren’t compatible for Tennis Shoes. They have every bit the DNA of the tennis shoes as like others. They are although in-expensive but they are considered to be the best partners of the newbies or the recreational Tennis players.


  • Flexible Upper Shoe Design.

  • Contains the best stability factors for all court surfaces.

  • Solid Rubber Outsole for enhanced durability and traction.

  • Best Shock Absorbers.

  • Old Classic Look.



  • Brand Name:  ASICS                   
  • Weightage:  1.65 pounds


Tennis Shoes! Buying Guide and FAQs


How to Choose Best Tennis Shoes?

Always make sure to choose the Tennis Shoes which matches your own ambitions and approach. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing a friendly match or a competitive head on collision match, always make sure to have the best gear because when you own the best you will perform the best. It’s how the World plays.

  • Brand: Do make sure that the product you are choosing are out-class i.e. can last long and can make you feel comfortable during tensed marches. In short, choose what suits you right and always believe that “when you own the best you will be the best”.
  • Price: Although Best Tennis shoes comes with expensive price tags. That’s what people believe but in reality, if you search a bit then you will get the best with reasonable price tags also. We in our list have mentioned the products which are not only reasonable but also lies in the price range of everyone.
  • Reviews: Reviews are beneficial because it let us know exactly what the hype is about i.e. sometimes the companies tend to boost their products by giving out false features which is explained better in the review section by the people using it. We in our list have mentioned the products after a lot of research because we want to provide you with the best in the market.

Features of the Best Tennis Shoes

  • Materials: Materials of the shoes matters a lot because during the play the sportsman can slip, dive or even twist. So, because of the high-tensed esthetics Tennis Shoes should be comfortable so as to last as long as the season does.
  • Comfort: This is the main focus of every manufacture out there. And it is also mandatory because regardless of the zone of play, the shoes should be such to boost the player to proceed and strive for victory rather than get tired and quit. The shoes should also have pores in it so as to keep the feet hydrated during the play.
  • Durability: Durable shoes are necessary these days because as the seasons are getting passed by quickly so without you knowing your next game will be on your head. Also, the professional and sporty shoes are expensive so it will not be cool to change them every season. Although it is preferred that they at least last a season of the play.
  • Cushioning: Tennis is a tiring game and a lot of people avoid it because of its worn-out plays i.e. after playing one can get broken down. So, in such a hard game it is not fair to go on with un-comfy shoes. So padded is must on the toes and the insoles so one can carry out the whole game with perfection.
  • Outsole: Outsides of the Tennis Shoes are in contact with the ground constantly so it is recommended that to choose either the hard bottom or the low bottom depending upon the terrain you are playing. Always consider your comfortableness before you choose.
  • Insole: Insoles are the part with which your feet are in contact. If they are not good then the whole play can turn into a feel of sourness. At the time of choosing consider firstly the terrain and after that make sure the Tennis Shoes you choose should fit your feet perfectly so as to avoid any sort of injuries.

Frequently Asked Question About Tennis Shoes

Do Tennis Shoes make any kind of Difference?
Answer: Some Players prefer to play with snickers because they are comfortable but with tennis you don’t only need comfort, you need stability, grip and most important of all cushioning to prevent your feet from getting hurt from intense running.
While Playing Tennis are the court shoes necessary?
Answer: Yes, it is because during tennis you need friction as well as cushioning which other shoes may not be able to provide.
How the Tennis shoes and Snickers are different?
Answer: Yes, it is because during tennis you need friction as well as cushioning which other shoes may not be able to provide.
How the Tennis shoes and Snickers are different?
Answer: Snickers are your everyday dressing shoes while Tennis Shoes are designed to be wear on the game and it is necessary because it provides you confidence, traction as well as padding which are much needed to keep your feet comfortable while running on the hard service Tennis court.
How can one Lace-up his Tennis Shoes?
Answer: Although there are many methods the one you should adopt is the one which saves you from the pain i.e. always starts from the eyelets that are close to your toes and then ultimately move towards the tongue. The best method that you can use is the crisscross method.
How to Stop Tennis Shoes from making a noise?
Answer: Use Baby powder under the insole of your shoes, always remember to wear socks as well. Try to fix any loose heels or soles on your shoes. Always try to clean and dry the snickers after use and also if your shoes are made up of leather then oil them regularly to keep them as clean as possible.


Everyone who is fond of playing would need something to go through the game and if has a touch of softness along with grip and also loaded with traction so that while running the person wearing won’t slip then we will say that you have landed in a Gold Mine. Tennis Shoes although are expensive and cheap but what matters is that, what suits you the best. If you have gone through our buying guide then we will recommend you to go with  Adidas Men’s Game court Tennis Shoes. These are one of the most exciting and loaded shoes of all, we will recommend you this if you like to stay in control but if you are looking for comfort then go with New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Tennis Shoes.

While Purchasing, do make sure that Tennis Shoes may be made up of breathable fabric and also it has a durable piece of rubber outsole so as to grip with the service in times of need. Plus, it should be light weight incase one has to sprint through the Tennis Court to get to the ball.